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Master Sciences du Médicament et des Produits de Santé

Séminaire du parcours M2

 14 Décembre 2021 à partir de 09H00 

Chaque Conférence sera de 10 mts et 5 mts de questions.


  Introduction Mme Allorge (Doyen Fac. Pharma), M. Furman & M. Deprez (Responsables   du Master)


Pr Lucie NOVAKOVA, Supercritical fluid chromatography in pharmaceutical analysis. (Analytical Chemistry Department) of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Prague (Charles University).

10:15 Conf.

Benjamin GRAIN, New approach of native ligation for the chemical synthesis of peptides and proteins, Centre for Infection and Immunity of Lille - U1019 - UMR9017 - Team CBF


Pause café

10:45 conf

Romain MARTEAU & Darius MAZHARI, Towards the development of ACSL4 selective inhibitors to prevent ferroptosis in neurodegenerative diseases, UCLouvain/LDRI/CMFA  


Lawrence VAN HELLEPUTTE, PhAc-ALGP-Dox, a novel anti-cancer prodrug with targeted activation and improved therapeutic index, CoBioRes NV, Campus Gasthuisberg University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium 



13:15 Conf.

Asma HAKEM, Antibacterial properties and bioavailability of natural phenanthrene derivatives from Juncus inflexus, URMt 1158 BioEcoAgro (Laboratoire de Pharmacognosie)

13:30 Conf.

Chau Phi DINH, Discovery of novel allosteric binding site of 5-lipoxygenase, U1177-Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems



Lisa BONIN, Development of advanced glycation end-products receptor (RAGE) ligands for combating inflammaging, Junia, Health and Environment, Laboratory of Sustainable Chemistry and Health, F-59000 Lille

14:00 Conf.

Léa BOIDIN, Evaluation of the Photodynamic Therapy efficacy using a New Photosensitizer coupled to Folic Acid on Ovarian Cancer Organoids, U1189-ONCOTHAI

14:15 Conf.

Amani Wissal HALLOUZ, acute toxicity study of thiopental sodium by the up and down method, Laboratory of Pharmacology, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine SAAD Dahleb University BLIDA ALGERIA

14:30 Conf.

Nicolas KRAUPNER, Identification of indole-based activators of insulin degrading enzyme, U1177-Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems

14:45 Poster

Alexandre GOBERT, SIRT1 activation: a new therapeutic strategy in Alzheimer's disease, Team \"Brain Biology & Chemistry\", Lille Neuroscience & Cognition, INSERM U1172


Pause Café

15:10 Conf.

Kévin ANTRAYGUES, Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of rifabutin prodrugs for the treatment of bacterial infections, U1177-Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems

15:25 Poster

Nabila BENARIBA, In vitro and in silico α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of tannic acid, catechin and gallic acid, : Laboratoire Antibiotique-Antifongique: Physico-Chimie Synthèse et Activité Biologique Faculté SNV-STU Département de Biologie Tlemcen-Algérie

15:35 Poster

Ioulia EXAPICHEIDOU, energy-coupling factor (ecf) transporters, a new antimicrobial target inhibited by unprecedented chemical structures, Helmholtz-Institut für Pharmazeutische Forschung Saarland


Olivier DEFERT, Bioversys France, Anti-virulence small molecules, a paradigm shift for the treatment of Staphylococcus Aureus Infections


Clôture et Remise de prix (Poster & Conférence)

La meilleure présentation par conférence et poster sera soumis aux votes des participants tout au long du séminaire.